If I Told You My Story.

If I told you my story, if I sung you my song; would you trace your fingers over the scars? Could you hear the silent tears or feel the shallow breath? Would you gulp in each word or would you be unable to stand in the pain? If I told you my story, or sung…

Visit Douglas, Wyoming

With so much to see and experience; you will love the pioneer spirit that Douglas, Wyoming offers.

Words Hurt.

Because sometimes humanity forgets to act like human beings.

Small Ideas.

Wake up. Pet your dogs. Drink some tea or coffee or whatever starts your day-watch the sunrise. Commit to creating the best day possible-to becoming the best version of your self possible. Eventually, someone will come along living the best version of their self, and you just may find harmony with each other in living the…


When you can not become one, it is time to consider a more serious problem exists.

Accidental Homemade Poptarts

For Pop-tart lovers everywhere…bringing it to the kitchen with a “from scratch” version that will absolutely rock your tonguebuds to a whole new place.

Crazy Good Tex Mex Kitchen Sink Recipe

That looks like an awful bowl of garbage. It’s not…it’s Tex Mex. If there is anything we Texan folks have pinned down, it is good bar b que and good mexican food. I am posting this crazy little recipe I made up one day out of sheer starvation and based on what I found in the pantry-which…

I run. I die. I go again.

I wake up every morning and fight the monster in my head telling me to get my lazy ass out of bed and hit the track. Each time, I pull the covers back over my head and mumble scream a profound NO. So I look up a bunch of memes about running… Then I throw…

Shiitake Dashi Stock

Dashi is the basic stock recipe used in traditional Japanese cooking to make soups, to simmer food, or making rice. There are several methods to creating it, I use the following recipe below and it serves me well. Katsuobushi (fermented bonito fish)*if you are allergic to mold, you will not want to use this ingredient))…