Smoothie Like A Boss

Seems like everybody these days is jumping on the health train and that is awesome! Good for you. Super good for you! Feeling good v. feeling your best-I’ll take feeling my best any day of the week, even if that means I have to buckle down and smoothie queen myself to fit. With that being said, I recently had a conversation about vegan protein powder with a great friend. He accidentally ,on purpose, bought boxed vegan cardboard and gave it a whirl. In my opinion, based on the condition of the outer box, probably would have been a better option to eat the container than the contents.


Why? Because sometimes vegan is just flat out gross. Not even a little, “ok I can tolerate this and choke it down”-but just flat out “why did I buy boxed dirt?” Since I have gone through the entire process of figuring out which brands are out to make your life easier and tastier v. which ones are trying to destroy every tastebud on your tongue, makes sense to drop that info below for those still trying to figure it out. Seriously. I get it. I ate dirt too.

So here are the best smoothie secrets to get you going.

Super secret #1: Use an avocado. Yeah, no kidding. Cut that baby in half and put half in the blender. You will appreciate this tip later when you are drinking a much creamier, Oh-so-good for you fats, smoothie from this point forward.IMG_5237

Super secret #2: Add honey. Get out there and support your bee farmers. Bees pollinate the world. We need them. We need their honey. Sweeten your smoothie the
healthy way by finding some local raw honey from your local farmer’s market or nearby farm.


Super secret #3: Add in some supplementation. I like fat soluble vitamin C and Turmeric. I prefer fat soluble vitamin C (ascorbyl palmitate) to water soluble, although I hear there is no difference. I disagree based on personal experience and recovery times from illness with the fat soluble version. Additionally, I utilize Turmeric for its amazing cancer fighting abilities along with anti inflammatory properties for joints, etc. But hey, this is your smoothie…you be the boss. Put in whatever floats your boat, lights your match, gets you going.

IMG_5236Super secret #4: If your like me and you have good intentions with buying fresh fruit, but always end up throwing it out because it rots before you decide to eat it (damn fruit); switch to frozen for your smoothies. It serves a dual purpose: blending in frozen fruit gives you some nutrients, flavor, and it saves from having to add ice; additionally, it saves on time of having to cut up fresh fruit in the mornings if your in a pinch.

Super secret #5: Invest in a Ninja. The Pro Ninja now comes with a personal smoothie cup to blend up a single serve for you directly. No big chunky blender problems there + easy peasy clean up. Your in the bonus round now.

Super secret #6: Pick a good powder. Look for something that is going to be what your over all goal is set for. Are you wanting to bulk up? Find stuff with whey and a great amino acid profile. Are you trying to detox and slim down? Look for a powder that contains digestion cleansing components like psyllium, probiotics, and herbs such as milk thistle. I really like Vega One. It has everything you need and does not taste like you just licked dirt from the yard. Fun Fact: Vega One was created by a male vegan triathlete and it is a serious cleanse/detox. Headaches can ensue. They pass pretty quick if you can muster through the pain. Also contains Maca…if you are unaware of the effects of Maca, google will help you understand this super food’s super powers in the reproductive department.

Super secret #7: Get your green on. No smoothie is complete without a scoop of greens. Greens are amazing for your guts. In fact, they are probably one of the best things you can do to your belly to deflate it and tone up. There is a reason Popeye ate all of that spinach folks, and I am pretty sure it is not because that is the only thing Olive Oyl could cook. So get plenty of your vitamin K, improve your colon health drastically, and detoxify the pipes. If you have never tried out Garden of Life, I highly recommend reading up on his story-he had one very similar to my own son’s health complications. He is an amazing farmer and has definitely contributed to making this world a better place.

So there it is. Follow these incredibly efficient simple little tips, throw in some coconut milk, and you will be smoothie’ing like a boss in no time.


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