This Is How You Eggroll.


Not so long ago, I decided to consume a store bought eggroll. As I made my way towards the end, I bit into an entire pile of salt. With a forced gag reflex, I realized I need to stick with my own recipe to avoid such salty incidents in the future. I once heard a rumor as to the divineness of my family’s own eggroll recipe. Seriously-eyes light up when their sniffer gets a whisk that homemade eggrolls are frying in the kitchen. My mama taught me-all credit goes to her. I just tweaked the recipe with some of my own ideas. On a side night, if you are looking for kid friendly cooking fun, pick this one!

Homemade Eggrolls:

1 package of eggroll wrappers

1 lb. of ground sausage

1 package of uncooked frozen small size shrimp

1 package of shredded carrots

1 head of green cabbage (shredded)

1 bunch of green onions (sliced)

2 tbls. butter

1 tsp. of Tamari

1/4 tsp fresh ginger

5 cloves of chopped garlic

Pepper to taste

1 egg (whisked)

Good quality Coconut oil for frying (Best choice due to high temp stability and non greasy component in taste).

In a large cast iron skillet brown sausage and shrimp on medium heat. Add in garlic, ginger, pepper, and vegetables. Continue to saute until  cabbage has cooked down-approximately 5/7 minutes. Add in butter & Tamari. Once filling has cooked, set aside.

In a second cast iron skillet, add 3-4 tablespoons of coconut oil for frying at medium heat. While oil is heating, prepare eggrolls by doing the following:

Take one eggroll wrapper and place a tablespoon of filling inside. Brush three corners of eggroll with egg. Then fold according to instructions on package.

If no instructions:

Place wrapper in a diamond shape with one point facing towards you. Place filling in center. Bring lowest point towards you up and over filling. Fold in each side, then roll forward, folding over the top.

Once complete, drop in hot oil and fry until bubbly and golden brown on each side. Approximately 2-3 minutes, turning once. Place on paper towels on a lined pan to cool.

These babies are dairy free, but unfortunately not gluten free. Enjoy!


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