Visit Douglas, Wyoming

As you cross the state line, a sensation overcomes you of a sense of wonder. Staring at wide open plains, you gain a view of the vastness that belongs to Wyoming. A depth and distance so few have dared to trod.

I relocated here two short years ago. Having no idea of what to anticipate, I remained open-minded about the opportunities, the land, and the community. What I have received is far more than I ever bargained for-a place of diversity & uniqueness. A place where angels dance and the stars move across the sky at night. Where the milky way still exists, and camping in the mountains brings you the closest to freedom you will ever encounter.

As a new employee for The Enterprise, I have gained valuable insight as to economic development for the betterment of the Douglas community. Each year, The Enterprise, in conjunction with Douglas Main Street, and the Converse County Tourism Board, hosts “Jackalope Days.” A 4-day, fun-filled extravaganza that ranges in diversity of events. From Railroad Day to the annual car show hosted by the Knight Kruisers to street vendors, kids’ events, and various other activities, “Jackalope Days” offers visitors an exciting weekend of activities.




Feeling a sense of community and commitment, I perused the streets meeting families and taking in the fullness of the days. Some of the kindest, most amazing people live in Douglas such as the Bearcat Special Olympics team shown below, our local athletes and coaches, and the many other groups and organizations dedicated to creating this unique and exciting place we call home.

Jackalope Days

Despite the adversity of challenges Wyoming residents face varying from harsh weather conditions to continuous oil industry employment swings-their smiles light up the dark with toughness, rigor, and honest to goodness, old-fashioned pioneer survival skills.

and with Entrepreneurial spirits, they carry on in true grit.


Folks like Chewy (pictured below) and Splice who belong to B.A.C.A. – a national motorcycle organization known as Bikers Against Child Abuse, Wyoming children can sleep safely at night knowing they have good people in their corner willing to step up and keep them safe. Chuey, how grateful we are to have met you in person. I am delighted to know that you are here in Douglas. Rangers WILL ALWAYS Lead the Way.


Without a doubt, who can pass up Mrs. Harbarger’s strawberry rhubarb pies? If you are ever in town, make sure to look her up. You will not be disappointed in the goodness that fills your soul from her homebaked treats.


The next time you are considering planning your family’s summer travel adventure, consider the good folks of Wyoming here in the mountains-we’d love to have you stop in and discover all that we offer! To plan your next summer vacation, contact us at The Enterprise for more information (307) 358-2000 or find us online at here!


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